Once upon a time, there were no shopping malls and all jewelry stores were family owned. There were no big jewelry chain stores and no online franchises.

The people that worked at jewelry stores were friendly and knew their customers and sometimes their whole families. They didn’t work on commission, so they didn’t have to push people to buy just so they could make a living.

Jewelry stores also had real jewelers in their shops that could set gemstones and size rings, and didn’t have to send customer’s valuables out of the store to be repaired. They could do custom work right on the premises and brides could have one-of-a-kind rings instead of styles sold in hundreds of stores across the country.

Customers were happy and the smaller jewelry stores were pleased to be part of their community, too, and gave generously to local groups.

That may have been a long time ago, but Thorpe & Company is still that kind of store…the one we started out to be in 1900, once upon a time when SERVICE really meant something.

At Thorpe & Company we still offer a wide variety of services for YOU, our customer. For a fun A to Z listing, look under the SERVICE CENTER tab, or contact us for complete details.