Personalize It

Personalize it with CUSTOM DESIGN and Engraving!

At Thorpe’s, customization has been part of our service since we first opened in 1900. Whether it’s a design made entirely from scratch, a modification of a piece you saw in our stock, or something as simple as a personalized engraving, making it uniquely yours is what we do.

To make this kind of personalization possible, we’ve invested in cutting-edge technology for our store. Our Gemvision computer design system helps you to visualize your finished piece as it unfolds on the screen in front of you. Now instead of guessing, or trying to imagine what that ring would look like with a different gemstone or with more diamonds surrounding the center, you can see it with your own eyes!

Our biggest and best investment, however, has been our new state-of-the-art digital engraving machine. With this tool we’ve gone beyond the confines of metal surfaces and simple fonts. Now we can do logos, signatures, and even different languages for you. We can engrave on pieces as hard as a Big Frig and as delicate as a bar of soap. Want gold foil on a special book? No problem…and we offer other colors, too. We can rout out a design on wood and etch on fine crystal…even wine bottles!

Best of all? We can go BIG! So far we’ve engraved everything from baseball bats and pool cues to fireplace glass and even a large sword. We like to say, if we can fit it in the machine it can probably be engraved.

For us, it’s all about making singular sensations and one-of-a-kind creations as unique as the person who will wear them or receive them. After all, we’re not a franchise store selling “cookie cutter” mass merchandise. We’re a family-owned stand-alone store with one simple belief: Singular is special, and that’s what you deserve!

Want to see more? Take a look through our Personalization album for ideas or come up with some of your own.