Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  How much does a 1 carat diamond cost?

Not trying to give a flip answer here, but this is almost like calling up your car dealer and asking, “How much is a blue car?” because there are so many, many things that factor into the price.  You’ve probably heard of the 4 “Cs” of which carat is just one…but may not realize how much the other 3 (cut, color and clarity grades) affect the price of a diamond.  In a nutshell, the price of a one carat diamond boils down to what makes it pretty (or not) AND what shapes are most popular.  A one carat pear shape with poor color and clarity could be the buy of the year!

We are reminded of a jeweler friend of ours that used the slogan: “So how much is an ugly diamond worth?”

We’re not above doing “ugly” if that’s what you want, but still think we can find a pretty diamond in your budget if you’ll let us explore a bit for you.

Call us up and ask about our “pretty blue cars” sometime!

Question:   Why should I buy from you instead of somewhere else?

This is Rusty’s favorite question to answer, actually.  Realize that he’s spent a lifetime living a small business that prides itself on balancing cutting-edge technology and cool new styles with old fashioned principles you don’t see a lot of in retail anymore.

For instance, on a trip into our store you’ll see a computer design center making you virtual custom creations, a $35,000 engraving machine personalizing your $25 gift, and view laser-etched diamonds under microscopes in our AGS accredited Gem Lab.

The folks that help you will NOT push you to purchase because they are NOT paid on commission.  Nor will they show you some monthly special that we have jillions of, because we don’t believe in mass merchandising either.

We still operate out of a single location within the same block of our first store, founded in 1900, and we have always had our own Shop on the premises and a family member at the helm.

We don’t have multiple stores in high rent malls or distant owners to pay off, so we can control our prices and the singular look of our merchandise.

It’s pretty simple in the end:  We’re a one-of-a-kind jewelry store taking care of our one-of-a-kind customers.  If you’re making a singular purchase, wouldn’t you rather have both the good price AND the individual experience?

Question:  Where do I park and how do I avoid the Meter Maids?

You can actually park right outside the door and use our change to plug the meter.  We keep a bowl of coins on the counter inside for your convenience, we pass out our own personalized “Meter Beaters” at special events, and if you DO get one of those overtime tickets while shopping in our store we will gladly pay your parking ticket, too!

Better still, come see us after work.  Evenings and weekends the parking is FREE and plentiful, right outside the store!

Question:  Which is better for rings – Gold, Platinum or Silver?

All 3 precious metals have their plus sides:  Platinum is so durable, gold so versatile and tarnish-free, silver so affordable.  But since this question is about rings, we should look at what kind of ring before giving our opinion.

If this is a fashion ring, for instance, silver is a GREAT choice.  But keep in mind, sterling silver is not as durable, it does tarnish, and because it’s softer we don’t recommend it as a setting for precious gemstones like diamonds.

Platinum is silvery in color like sterling, and boy is it long-wearing and durable.  That makes it an excellent choice for diamonds and other precious gems.  But be prepared to pay a premium price for platinum and know that it’s going to need continual polishing and refinishing to keep its luster, as it wants to return to its natural dull gray color.

Our best recommendation, finally, would be 14 or 18K gold.  It is alloyed in white, yellow and pink so you have color choices.  It is easier to maintain than platinum or sterling silver which need constant upkeep.  Plus gold can be made into so many, many creations because of its versatility.  That’s why, when it comes to rings, gold is always our favorite option.

Question:  Do you buy or take trades on old jewelry?

We sure do!  

Now, that said, we don’t buy willy-nilly or take trades on anything and everything.  What we buy we need to be able to re-sell or re-use, in one form or another.   We may only want the “scrap gold,” for instance, especially if there are damaged pieces.  Other items we may want for resale in our Estate/Pre-Owned Jewelry Case.

Our Estate Case can present another option for you, too, by the way, especially if you’re not in a hurry. A large part of our Pre-Owned Jewelry selection often comes from customers who have left their jewelry for us to sell for them on consignment. There are details on this arrangement that have to be discussed with Rusty, as he’s the final word on this.  It’s worth a call to find out, though.