Customer Reviews

“I went in to see if they could fix my necklace and they fixed it right on the spot and also offered to clean my ring. He was pleasant to work with and when it was time to pay he didn’t charge me a dime! Excellent customer service and would recommend them to everyone!”
– Jordan

“I can always find jewelry that I love in this store. And the great thing is that Rusty tells my husband whenever there is something I REALLY wish for! Can’t beat it. All the people who work there are very friendly and knowledgeable about pieces in the store.”
– Sue

“Staff was amazing. Very thoughtful and nice. Definitely will go there, beautiful jewelry and exceptional staff.. was an great experience”
– Jennifer

“Thorpe & Co. designed my engagement ring – the customer service was incredible! The ring is perfect. We won’t shop anywhere else!!”
– Ellen

“When my husband and I got married we discovered he was allergic to his ring even though it was hypoallergenic. We took it to the place we bought it trying to get some answers they pretty much said they didn’t know they’ve never seen it happen before. We went to Thorpes and they have been more than helpful. They were knowledgeable about allergies and the different rings. On top of that they let my husband just wear a ring for a week or so at a time until we found one that worked for him at no cost. They were kimd friendly, and trusting enough to help us. I will never do business with another jewelry company again!!!”
– Sabrina