At Thorpe’s we are proud of the high standards and professional quality of our jewelry appraisals

Rigorous training in the appraisal sciences through the American Gem Society assures you that our appraisers are able to accurately determine the value of your most precious keepsakes.

Our appraisals are done by Certified Gemologist Appraisers, which is the highest title awarded by the AGS. This status requires continual education and an annual re-certification exam; your assurance that our appraisers meet the highest standards in the industry.

All of our appraisals are done on the premises in our American Gem Society accredited Gem Lab. Your valuables never leave our store, unless it’s at your instructions.

An appraisal must be requested. You see, even a well-planned surprise can be up-ended by an insurance appraisal arriving in the mail. Please let us know your needs for confidentiality and timing.